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Treatment Of Envy Is Safe


Envy is defined as the emotion that has generated due to the lacking of some kind of thing/possessions that other person is having and due to this the sense of Envy has been cultivated within us. It is very important to eliminate it as soon as possible from the mind of us otherwise it will ruin our whole life for sure.


Steps to treat Envy are:


Accept that you lack something and work hard:


It is very mandatory in life to accept the reality that if we are lacking something then it is totally our fault and we should not put blame on others that they have more skills than us. It is very crucial to accept the reality and move on in life and always tries to learn things as and when the situation permits. It is not good to stop and regret because regret gives nothing pain and sadness; so try to accept the fact that you lack something and simultaneously think about how to improvise that.


Live in Present Moment:


It is very important to live in the present moment. It has often seen that most of the people in our society dwell in past, think of the past and live in the past and in the remaining time they are over conscious and feared from their future. Most the people do not live in the present moment and always regret in life for the things that are gone and won't come back forever. Try to live in the present moment and learn things in this moment only, if you don't think of the result then there is no chance for envy to come up. If you give your 100% in the present moment then automatically the sense of Envy and hatred will not come up and you remain as a happy and cherished person for sure.


Consult to your loved ones:


Whenever there is sense of hatred or envy is coming in your mind then it is better to talk who your loved ones because they are always for you and will show you the right direction, will give you the right guidance for life, they will tell you that what is wrong or what is right for you. If you talk to your loved ones the soul crushing pain will automatically starts diminishing and one day it will go very far from you and you will never feel distance of angry within you because it is often seen that when we talk to people that we love our pain and hatred starts vanishing and we automatically turns into a whole new person.


Divert you mind on something else:


It is often seen that and believed also that our mind is very fluctuating in nature. Only mind only needs those things which provide it happiness, it does matter whether that thing is good or bad for us. If you are feeling envy, then it is often said that diverting your mind towards something different will help you to reduce the soul crushing pain of envy. It is said that divert your mind on some different things that you like or love to do genuinely helps reduce the pain of envy and provides a great sense of comfort to us.


Be What You Are/Be Original:


In the present world, those people who are really genuine or are completely original within them rated highly by this society. In the modern era, try to be original and not duplicate anyone because it will only lead to the generation of envy within you and nothing else. If you are original then the whole world will run after you for sure and you will see the entire universe with a different perspective that there is no place for envy because everyone is unique in this universe and everyone possess some special skills or talent that are unique to everyone so there is no need as well as no place for envy. Try to see the world with his perspective and envy will automatically fly away even without your notice. Be the best version of yourself and the whole world will start craving for you. Think that everyone is unique and everyone is here to live their own life and so do you, hence there is no need to feel depressed and no need to feel envy as well.


In Islamic world Spiritual healing centers are widespread The magic cure is called علاج السحر بالملح 




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