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The One Secret That Will Wow Your Customers And Save Your Business Money And Time - Video Email!



Just how much time do you invest duplicating the exact same tasks like answering the exact same questions concerning your product or services, or following up with prospective customers or existing customers regarding upcoming promotions and unique price cuts?


If you are hands on business owner like me, you most likely invest a large amount of time on these things. I was actually investing too much time on these things and hurting earnings.


Most of us know the stating "time is money and cash is time." This is why I needed to promptly discover just how and where to invest my time to expand my business. I've encountered some company owner that spends lots money in addition to spending excessive time.


If you are among many company owner hemorrhaging both time and cash, you will more than happy to know that what I'm about to share with you will conserve your service time and a ton of cash.


So what's the large trick? Video Email!


This is without a doubt one of one of the most underutilized devices that can reinvent the manner in which you operate. You can use it to semi automate most of your day-to-day time sucking activities.


I desire you to think of this ... How many times daily does your customer-base checks their e-mail? Something else to take into consideration is the truth that a number of your customers are possibly utilizing "smart phones" that allow them to receive instantaneous messages notifying them to examine their in-box. As a business owner it simply makes sense to add this to your promoting funnel instantly.


So just how can you utilize this technology to your advantage?


1) You can send your own prerecorded commercials at fixed scheduled times to prospective customers.


2) You use a more appealing wow your customers service experience by sending videotaped service to one of the most frequently asked questions about your product or services. Just how amazed will your customers be if you responded to their inquiries with a video?


3) You can mail recordings about upcoming promotions and occasions to encourage your customers to make the most of special deals.


These are just a few suggestions of just how you can use this method. Placing on your creative thinking cap ahead up with more;


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