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How To Prevent Distracted Driving

Modern-day life is full of distractions; we are constantly bombarded with information and alerts, notifications, and emails from various sources. It’s only a matter of time before it affects our attention span, making it increasingly difficult to concentrate on the task. When I got my driver’s license, I was told that driving while distracted is as bad as driving while intoxicated.


Ways to prevent distracted driving


Get rid of all those distractions in your car.


You can’t drive if you’re distracted by other drivers, trucks, pedestrians, scooters or the things on the road. The only way to test your attention is to have someone else watch you drive. You're likely distracted if you can’t get through a full traffic circle without looking at the passengers, text messaging, or changing a radio station.


Don’t block your view of the road


If you think you can’t drive distracted, try seeing out the windshield. When a car in front of you suddenly brakes or swerves in front of you to make a turn, it can be challenging to maintain focus on the road. Use your mirrors instead; they usually face outward and don’t obstruct your view.


Know you can’t multitask


Think you can drive and talk on the phone? Think again. You’re not only distracted but also unsafe behind the wheel. If a police officer pulled you over while driving and talking on your cell phone, they wouldn’t hesitate to write you a ticket, but that doesn’t mean they won’t pull you over for distracted driving.


Pay attention to the road and the cars around you


If you’re not looking, you’re not driving. Don’t check your phone, turn on the radio, or even have a conversation with a passenger while behind the wheel of your car; it may seem like a simple task, but if you aren’t paying attention to what’s going on outside your windshield and around other cars, it can take just one moment of distraction to cause a crash.


Plan your route ahead of time


We’re all familiar with the idea by now, but it’s worth saying again: make sure you know where you are going before driving. If you can’t find a street address or the name of a significant landmark in your destination, call ahead and ask for directions, leaving plenty of time to decide how to get there.


Don’t text while driving


You can use your cell phone for calls, but texting, emails, and social media sites are strictly prohibited behind a car's wheel. If you’re using your phone, pull over to a safe spot; don’t risk hitting a deer or hitting someone else with your car because you were too busy checking Facebook.


Try not to drive when you're tired, distracted, or fatigued


The same goes for being sleepy, especially if you’re driving during the wee hours of the morning. It’s a good idea to schedule a few extra pit stops during your long trip in case you get tired.


Don’t attempt any funny business


Don’t do anything illegal behind the wheel or attempt complicated maneuvers or tricks while driving. The best way to avoid being distracted while driving is to focus on the road and what you do as you drive.


Try not to drive when you’re angry


It’s no secret that angry or upset driving can be dangerous; you might pull off the road, slam on the brakes, swear at the driver in front of you, or even start a fistfight. If you can’t control yourself behind the wheel, don’t try because you could end up in jail instead.


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It is a common idea that driving can cause so many distracting things. The next time you go out to do some driving, remember to avoid being distracted as much as you can. If you can still not concentrate on your driving, it is better to stop your vehicle and rest for some time            



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